Refresh Crash - iOS 10 Beta 3

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Re: Refresh Crash - iOS 10 Beta 3

by Kevin » September 22nd, 2016, 6:40 am

There is a new xFeed version 5 coming that resolves some refreshing issues that people have been seeing. I hope that it solves the crashing that you are seeing with your iPad, if it hasn't been solved already. Unfortunately, I really have no way to test the iPad Pro (12 in) Now if one somehow manages to find its way to my doorstep, which I wouldn't be opposed to, that could be a different story....

It really means a lot that people enjoy the app. I appreciate it, quite a lot. I hope the new features coming in the next version can make up for some lost time..

Re: Refresh Crash - iOS 10 Beta 3

by Kevin » August 9th, 2016, 5:49 am

Thank you for the bug report and I'm very glad you enjoy the app!

I've just tested with a fresh install of the current App Store version (4.3) with iOS 10 beta 4 on iPhone and with iPad in the simulator and refreshing seems to work well for me. When you have an opportunity can you see if the crashing persists with beta 4? I'm going to continue to do some testing and insure that this is indeed squashed.

However, there is an app update in the works set to be released around the iOS 10 release. This updated version has shown no problems throughout the iOS 10 beta cycle and should be stable.

I'll look into this issue more and get back soon with an update.

Thanks again!

Refresh Crash - iOS 10 Beta 3

by Badboyabout » August 8th, 2016, 5:13 am

Whenever I open the app, it appears to complete the feed refresh but the app sends itself into the background ( the iPad displays the start screen. By double clicking the home button I can bring the app to the foreground and read the feeds.

This happens not just at start up, but whenever I refresh.

This behaviour has only appeared after upgrading to iOS 10, but has persisted through all 3 beta releases and sort of assume that it is not a fault with iOS.

Any idea regarding when you might fix this.

Really love the app. I have an iPad Air 2 and a iPad Pro (12 inch screen),mans just a little disappointed that the visual interface scales up on the Pro, rather than showing more feeds in the feed list and more content in the content panel.