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article navigation?

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Great app overall, thank you! Am I missing something or are the only article navigation buttons at the top of the iPad application? It's really counter-intuitive to need to reach across the reading area to change from one article to another. Hopefully I'm missing something, but if not, please add proper navigation at the bottom where the reader is likely to actually have their hand.
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Re: article navigation?

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Hello and thanks!
No, you aren't missing anything. xFeed hasn't had it's user interface optimized for the iPad as of yet. The first order of business was to get an app that fit the view of the iPad. Which was basically a straight port of the iPhone version that fit the screen. The buit in iPhone conversion thing was just not cutting it. But now that there has been some behind the wheel time spent with xFeed on the iPad, there is some definite room for improvement in terms of the interface and some time to get some ideas on what those improvements should be.

There is quite a large laundry list of things planned, as of now. The hope is to get a new version of xFeed, incorporating most (if not all) of the biggest requests out sometime around the release of the 4.0 firmware.

If you generally like the way xFeed does things, I encourage you to stick around 'cause as we say around here, "you ain't seen nothing yet!"
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