specifying the number of articles to get?

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specifying the number of articles to get?

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Is there any way to specify the number of articles to retrieve? Xfeed seems to only get articles for the current day by default, but I sometimes skip a day reading RSS feeds. I'd like to be able to tell xfeed to get the last week's worth of articles, or barring that get the last 200 or so. Is this possible?

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Re: specifying the number of articles to get?

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Unfortunately this is not possible. How it works is that the website will publish a file (the feed) that has a certain number of items in it. They may update this file periodically throughout the day, however, most only keep the newest XX number, lets say for example they keep the newest 20 items. As it stands now xFeed can only fetch the files as the program is running, capturing the items in the feed that are available at that moment.

In the future on the other hand, when the iPhone allows background processes; it may be able to fetch these feeds multiple times as the day goes on...
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