Unread Messages and Preview

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Unread Messages and Preview

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I love the product myself. I think there is two features that I think would make this even better. I like to see an option to read all the unread messages in a given categories rather than going in and out of every feed. Second, I would also love to see a small preview of the feed with the subject of the article. A little snippits for say. I am a blind user and I must say it is not very often do I find a really friendly application for the blind. I use the Voice Over features with my iPhone and everything is just perfect in this app. Job well done. It is rare that I give a full 5 stars for mobility friendly for the blind. Now if those two options I mentioned are inserted that would no doubt rate this 5 stars in my book.
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Re: Unread Messages and Preview

Post by Kevin »

I am ecstatic that xFeed is able to fulfill your needs! Thank you for your suggestions, I can guarantee that at least one of these features will make it into the next version of xFeed!
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