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Re: Auto update does not seem to work on my iPad

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Thanks Guenter,
I know it has been awhile since the latest version. I can, however, most assuredly assure you that xFeed is not a dead project. Without going into too much detail, work has resumed as proceeding well. I hope to have a much improved version out before the end of the year and good thoughts such as yours assure that possibility.
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Is there any future thoughts about being able to set notificationss o that when new feeds arrive - they notify you?

Apart of that - a great app

Many thanks
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Re: Notification

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Unfortunately,as of now in iOS there is no way to run code in the background of the device. :( Until there is, or until xFeed offers a server based download strategy there seems little reason to set a notification on new items as the app will be running as they become available.
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