Cyrillic support [Solved]

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Russian Feeds don't work

Post by AustrianGuest »

Dear Team from NothingEverywhwere,

I tried to load feeds from the russian newspaper: russkaja gazeta. At the first step the program finds the feeds, based on the adress: It finds several feeds but it isn't able to write the cyrillic letters correctly. After I chose one feed and renamed it, I have to use latin letters. If I take cyrillic letters, xFeed don't forward it to the categories.
Once in the choosen category the feed isn't able to load the themes. Following message occurs: Unable to parse. Error 9 at Line 4, Column 14.

I'm using an iPad and the actual version of xFeed.

Perhaps you are able to solve this problem?

From Vienna
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Re: Russian Feeds don't work

Post by Kevin »

Greetings in Vienna! Working with the many different languages of the world has proven to be challenging and very insightful. More so than i would have thought. Languages using a cyrillic alphabet have been difficult due to their use of certain character sets (primarily windows-12xx). xFeed encounters problems when parsing some of these feeds when it encounters a character it does not recognize (Error 9). A new parser is in the testing stages and the more of the error prone feeds that are posted, the more that will work in the next version. Expect a beta version to hit this website in the coming weeks... Thanks for posting!
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can't read rss feed

Post by Dmitry »

russian feed ""
error message "Unable to parse, error 9 at Line: 10, Column:16"
usually this feed works perfectly with Mail on mac
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Cyrillic support [Solved]

Post by Xaer »


1. Plz, add cyrillic symbols support in feed's title.
2. Fix error while loading "":
Unable to parse.
Error 9 at Line: 10, Column: 16
Please visit
to report this feed.
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Re: Cyrillic support

Post by Kevin »


This is definitely one of the main areas of focus for the next update. The plan is to have much better support for a wide variety of languages and character sets. Thank you for posting and we'll see if we can get this going soon!
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Re: Cyrillic support [Solved]

Post by forumadmin »

Support for many, if not all, character sets has been implemented in xFeed version 4.0. :P
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