Unable to parse

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Unable to parse

Post by Roman »

Thank you for a handy xFeed App!
But unfortunately I am not able to add any feed. It says "Error 9 Line 4 (or whatever) Column ...
I filled in feeds in many different ways with and without http, www but useless.
and others.
I hope you can resolve this issue.
Thank you in advance! )
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Re: Unable to parse

Post by Kevin »

Hey, thanks! Glad you like it and sorry for the troubles...

This is another case of the "Invalid Character" error. Some languages, especially those with cyrillic characters, can cause a problem when encoded in certain character sets. Again, I am really excited by the number and diversity of languages using xFeed. All attempts are being made to accomodate these languages and their differences. Things are going well on the development front and hopefully soon there will be something out there for everyone to use!
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