Can't rename feed (iPad)

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Can't rename feed (iPad)

Post by Johan »

I have troubles renaming a feed in the iPad edition. Sometimes it only works after several tries, sometimes it doesn't work at all. I rename the feed, press the 'Feed Detail' button, only to find that the original name is still there.
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Re: Can't rename feed (iPad)

Post by Kevin »

The feed renaming has seemed fairly reliable to me in this version of xFeed. However, there is something that I've noticed that can be quite confusing. When you are in the feed detail and you are finished making changes you have two options for buttons on the top, on either side. The one on the right will save your changes and give you a dialog for conformation, the other one will cancel saving nothing. It is far too tempting to sometimes tap the cancel button negating the changes that have been made. I believe this is the problem, if this isn't the problem and there is still an issue saving changes to the feed, please post back.

Due to this confusion, I think the next version will have only one button. If changes have been made upon exiting, then you will receive a dialog asking weither or not you would like to save the changes. The cancel button seemed like a good idea, but it is turning out to be revealed as bad design.

Thanks again!
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