Bugs after 1.1 [Solved]

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Bugs after 1.1 [Solved]

Post by Jorge »

Just a few bugs I have noticed since installing 1.1:
- After deleting preinstalled feeds they reappear when closing and reopening the app.
- App crashes when deleting preinstalled apps.
- The feeds for Engadget and Gizmodo seem to give the most trouble when trying to delete or modify

Despite these problems, the new update has been great!
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Re: Bugs after 1.1

Post by forumadmin »

Jorge, thank you very much for sharing this bug! It is very embarrassing that something like this fell through the cracks! :oops: An update witch should remedy this problem has already been uploaded to Apple. Again thank you very much for finding and reporting this bug!
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Re: Bugs after 1.1

Post by Kevin »

A bug was discovered by forum user Jorge which after updating to xFeed version 1.1 could cause the application to crash and cause an inconsistency in the back end if any default feeds are deleted. Thankfully, the bug was reported very quickly and the app was able to be removed from the store before this problem could affect too many people (aprrox. 5% of installed user base by estimate).

If you have updated to 1.1 and have not deleted any of the default feeds do not worry this bug will not affect you (assuming you don't delete any default feeds after reading this!).

The bug results from the application always thinking that it is the first time its being run and perpetually reloading the default feeds. This in itself is nothing more than annoying. However, when the default feeds are added no checks are done to insure that the added feeds will cooperate with existing data, as there should be none on an initial launch. This leads to feeds being ordered in ways they should not be which confuses the application and causes the crashes. And now:

**** Resolution ****

The xFeed 1.1.1 update will stop the default feeds from reappearing, however, any inconsistencies that resulted from deleting default feeds will remain. There are two ways to resolve this issue.

- First : Wait until you receive the 1.1.1 update. Then...

- The easy way :
If you delete your previous install and reinstall xFeed 1.1.1 everything should be back to normal.

- The other way :
If you have invested a lot of time in adding feeds and "the easy way" fix does not appeal to you, it is still possible to restore consistency to your application. After installing the 1.1.1 update delete any default feeds that have reappeared and any feeds you have added after a default feed has reappeared. You may think of each individual category as a sandbox (ie, if you deleted feeds in the "News" category but not in the "Business" category, your repair efforts can be isolated to the "News " category). Caveat: The application may still crash following each deletion and may crash multiple times before a feed is fully removed. It is important if you are following this method to delete all of the previously deleted default feeds and all feeds added after the first reappearance of a feed, if this is not done unexpected deletions or crashes may show up later on when attempting to delete a feed!

Thank you for your support and the most sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. Rest assured that those responsible for the errors have been sacked!