Changing focus cause input to be discarded

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Changing focus cause input to be discarded

Post by yuyichao »

When adding a feed or editing the name (possibly other inputs as well but this is the one that wasted me the most time....) the input box will be resettled to the old value when one switching to another input box. One have to press the done button explicitly to have the change persists.

This is a problem since,
1. It’s very different from everything else meaning this isn’t going to be what one expect.
2. Pressing done cause the on screen keyboard to be closed and cause the input box to move meaning one have to wait some time before continuing. When adding multiple feeds, this significantly make the process slower.
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Re: Changing focus cause input to be discarded

Post by Kevin »

Thank you very much for your input. Some modifications were made to the feed adding process, including your suggestions. I hope that you find the process of adding feeds easier and more enjoyable to use. Thank you, and have fun!
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