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Malformed Feeds

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I am a very satisfied user and hope this is the correct forum to report a Malformed Feed Error 5 or Error 31 issue since I don't know if this is a parsing bug or a publishing error. For two recent feed additions I've gotten the referenced error. The application continues to work properly, but no feeds were loaded.

The feed sites are
(Error 31 at line 1 column 40)
(Error 5 at line 109 column 1)

The errors are apparent for feeds available as of roughly Feb 1, 2010.

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Re: Malformed Feeds

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Glad to hear that you are a satisfied user and just to make you more satisfied, both of the feeds which were reported above appear to be working now.

1 .)

This feed was experiencing an "unknown encoding error" which is discussed in this thread: ... p=152#p152


This feed encountered a "premature document end error." This feed appeared to have asp code strewn all about the end of the feed. All the feed items were being saved and displayed as normal, but the parser would report that it had found something strange.

It would appear that these problems have been rectified, I hope that you can continue using xFeed without experiencing any further problems. If you do, it woud be appreciated if you could report them here.
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