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xFeed is Now Avaliable on the App Store℠! The fastest, leanest, meanest, rootin'est tootin'est, most user friendy RSS/Atom feed reader for the iPhone™ & iPad™. xFeed lets catch up with whats going in the world with all the latest, up to date news from your favorite websites gathered in one convenient app. Never again miss out on an opportunity to engage in topical conversation at your next party or dinner event! Read the xFeed FAQ to help you unlock the full potential of xFeed.

If you have any questions or something you would like to see in the next version of xFeed, head over to the fourms.

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xFeed Reviews

"...this is a really slick app... Thanks, Nothing Everywhere" - vpoet

"Snappy" - Snarky1534

"なかなかいいです" - tasitasi

"The autodiscovery feature is nice..." - antonio_ath

"It's efficient [and] quick..." - Miss.Gabbie

"Love it" - spauni

"Best Free RSS Reader" - KBKLV

"Almost perfect" - splooj